Radiation Oncology Associates offers the most comprehensive radiation services in the D.C. Metropolitan area ranging from palliative treatment to complex image guided and intensity modulation radiation.

We are happy to facilitate expeditious care for your patients. You may use any of the three referral methods below. We make every effort to provide patients with appointments no later than a week after receiving a referral, and most patients are seen within 24-72 hours of referral.

We find that a brief phone call from you is extremely useful in allowing us to understand the case, schedule an appointment promptly, and help your patient get as much benefit as possible from the consultation. Please phone us at:

Fairfax Hospital: (703) 776-3731
Potomac Radiation Oncology Center: 703-670-3349
Inova Loudoun Radiation Oncology: (703) 858-8850
Fair Oaks Radiation Oncology Department: (703) 391-4250

After hours, the physician on call can be reached at 703-776-3158

Submit Referral

    For a printable referral form with directions and contact information for our facilities to provide to your patient: Radiation Oncology Referral Form