During your first visit with one of our physicians you will discuss your diagnosis, the current goals of your cancer therapy, available options and treatment recommendations. It is important that you arrange to have any physician reports, biopsy results, test results, scans and you personal health history available at this meeting. Our administrative staff will be happy to assist you in having these items sent on your behalf, or in helping to arrange to have you hand carry these to your appointment. Please remember, that imaging studies should be brought in a hard copy format (i.e. CD or films) whenever possible. The radiologist’s report of the scan is usually not sufficient.

If you’ve ever had any prior chemotherapy or radiation therapy, it will be important to have the details of this treatment available at the time of your consultation. Our staff will be happy to assist you in obtaining the correct information in these situations.

We encourage you to bring a family member or friend with you at the time of your consultation. It is understandable that this is a difficult and confusing time and we find that having someone else along to take notes or assist you in asking questions is very helpful in getting the most out of your consultation.

Please complete follow the links below to download and print the patient history questionnaire form and the release of medical information form. It will be important to bring these in at the time of your appointment.